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Support for children, adolescents and parents

We can offer therapeutic support for children of all ages, including teenagers and adolescents up to the age of 25 years.

Depending on your child's age or the nature of their difficulties, we may agree to work with parents alone or in combination with individual sessions for your child.

When working with children, it is often important to liaise closely with other professionals such as school staff or other health professionals with your agreement. Joint working complements the therapeutic work undertaken and ensures the best outcomes. 

Issues you might be struggling with or worrying about 

  • Trauma, loss and bereavement

  • Anxiety and worries, including social anxiety, separation anxiety, panic, phobias and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Low mood or depression

  • Anger and conduct difficulties

  • School-based difficulties

  • Difficulties with emotional regulation, including self-harm

  • Identity issues

  • Issues with low self-esteem and/or social relationships

  • Neurodiversity

Depending on your child’s age and the presenting issues, we may be offering individual sessions alongside some joint work and/or family sessions or a mixture of both depending on what will best support the therapeutic work. At times, the most beneficial approach may be to work with the parents to support their child rather than the young person directly.

We also offer support for parents who may be concerned about their parenting or their relationship with their children. It is important that all those with parental responsibility are aware of any referrals.

We adapt our approach and treatment model to the child’s specific stage of development, which creates opportunities to work creatively and to harness the young persons' abilities, interests and passions. 

Oupractice is not suited for dealing with emergencies or working with those with severe risk or needs.

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