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pregnant woman hands on bump


I can offer a supportive space for individuals and couples at the different stages of their journey towards parenthood.

Contemplating parenthood

You might want to explore how having a baby may impact on your individual identity or the couple relationship


You may be experiencing difficulties conceiving or thinking about/engaging in fertility treatment.


You might worry about how your own experience of being parented may impact on your ability to parent your own child​. 

Pregnancy and Birth

You might want support during pregnancy, which is often a time of great joy and anticipation as well as vulnerability and anxiety when we may be confronted with past losses or worries about the future


You may be experiencing worries or helplessness due to medical interventions or complications, due to perinatal loss or due to past birth trauma.

Transition to Parenthood

You might want support in helping you adjust to becoming a parent, which often brings up many different, and at times, conflicting feelings.


You may be overcome with love and joy for your longed for baby and/or overcome with the pressures and weight of responsibility of meeting your baby’s needs.


You may want support with your baby’s development and forming a secure bond.


You may want to become more confident in getting to know your baby’s communication, needs and temperament. 

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