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Mental health support for children, young people,  families and those on the parenting journey.

A nurturing approach to support growth, resilience and mental well-being.
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Individuals & Couples


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Children, Adolescents & Parents


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At Nurture and Growth Psychology, I offer a therapeutic space to help you make sense of your difficulties and develop more adaptive ways of coping; this will ensure that you feel more in control of your challenges, better equipped at making positive change and achieving personal growth. My stance is very collaborative and nurturing; whilst I am guided by my training and expertise, which will inform and guide the proposed treatment plan, I place your needs, context and wishes at the heart of any input provided.

I'm Dr Elisabeth Rothaug-Smith

Dr Elisabeth Rothaug-Smith

Initial Consultation

Please email me to share your initial concerns and the type of support you are hoping for. I will then arrange a brief telephone consultation so that we can discuss your situation in more detail and your hopes and wishes for seeking support.


We will discuss what would be most useful going forward and I will signpost to other services or resources in case we are not a good fit for working together. The telephone consultation will last up to 20 minutes and is free of charge. 


If we decide to go ahead, we will meet for an initial assessment appointment at a mutually convenient time. Appointments may take place remotely or in person at my clinic in Greenwich; sessions last 50 minutes.


At the assessment, I will gather a history of your difficulties, how these are impacting your life and what you are hoping to be different. Depending on the complexity, the assessment process may span 1-3 sessions.


If you are seeking help for you child, we may agree to arrange a parent session in the first instance before inviting the child along. If the difficulties concern your adolescent or young adult, we may agree to meet separately before arranging a joint session.

Let's Talk

Formulation and intervention

Once we have arrived at a shared formulation, i.e. an understanding of the presenting difficulties, we will agree a treatment plan.


The intervention, i.e. what we will do during therapy sessions, will be guided by my training and experience, evidence-based practice and your preferred approach for working with me.  

We will discuss whether it would be helpful to liaise or work jointly with other professionals involved in your care to ensure the best outcome. 

Elisabeth had a great balance of warmth and professionalism.
18th February 2018
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Clinic Times

I offer remote sessions on Wednesdays and in-person sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at my clinic space in Greenwich.


4a Nelson Arcade

Nelson Road


SE10 9JB

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